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Friday, August 9, 2013

Heal an ear infection, naturally!

Little girl got sick and gave her germs to daddy, 
who passed them on to mom and baby. 
I guess the family that shares together... 
suffers together? Not any more! 

I never want to catch a cold, suffer a sinus infection, or endure a fever without doTERRA essential oils again! We all battled those awful symptoms this week, but poor baby boy had it the worst of all of us. Our little nine month old screamed all day and all night. It wasn't until after fervent prayer that my husband caught on and suggested the poor dear had an ear infection! Of course! Babies are so susceptible to those and he was tugging on his little ears so miserably! I frantically called neighbors for doctor recommendations, and called members from our church to help drive us as our only car was in the shop- but we didn't even have our car seats, so never mind that idea. And just when the whole situation seemed too much to bare I decided to give my essential oils (EOs) a try. Following the advice of EO experts, I applied melaleuca and lavender to his ears. Within 5 minutes his desperate screams gave way to happy smiles! The first smiles we'd seen in three days! I did the treatment twice that first day, and once the second day and he's been fine ever since! What a blessing doTERRA is to our family! The funny thing is now whenever this cutie pie sees a cotton ball his eyes kind of glaze over all hypnotized like and he leans in to run his head and face on the little white poof. Kids are smart! He knows what makes him feel better. :)

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  1. Remember that ear infections can be caused by a bacteria and he may still need an antibiotic. I have a sister who is deaf in one ear from an untreated ear infection. My mother used to put warm drops of oil in the ear and then put in a cotton ball. I have several nieces who are really into these oils, but they do not replace modern medicine. Just use caution. I remember my kids getting ear infections, I feel sorry for you especially when you were not feeling well either.

    1. Thank you for your concern. Many essential oils are actually antibacterial and are even stronger and work better than antibiotics! How cool is that! I know there is a time and a need for it, but often I think modern medicine works against our bodies instead of with them. They certainly come with a long list of side effects that I don't want anything to do with. We will of course keep monitoring our son, and take him to the doctor if need be. But for now, these essential oils are working wonders in our home, safely and naturally.