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Monday, August 6, 2012

Yes I will go out with you!

So, this handsome man asked me out on a date and, of course, I said yes!

Dates have been few and far between for us, but while "back home" with grandparents to babysit we jumped at the chance to have a late lunch out- just the two of us.

(Thanks Dad for watching our little girl, even though you worked all day first and it's your finals week with lots to study before your exams... We REALLY appreciate it.) Sounds like she had a lot of fun with her grandpa. They went to the park and spent lots of time going up and down that slide!

I just love our family:
I love it when she gets to laughing so hard!
Dad recommended a Brazilian Steakhouse, Rodizio Grill, for us to try and we loved it! Basically you plan on eating from the fancy all- you- can- eat salad bar, but before you make too much progress on your leafy greens, soups and pastas, waiters start bringing around tray after tray after tray of amazing foods to gorge yourself on. Grilled chicken, sausage, pork and lots and lots of beef, along with grilled pineapple and tomatoes. Delicious! We tried lots of new foods: Strawberry soup, polenta, quail eggs, and even corazon de pollo- chicken hearts! This Rodizio is located in the heart of the city we spent many a time together while dating, so it was great walking along the familiar and special-to-us streets.
Why, yes I did make my dress! I'll have to post details about it soon.
Thanks for a great time dear husband. I love you. And, I love being married to you! And, I love that you wore a purple shirt just because you wanted to match me. You're the kindest, funniest, most thoughtful person I know. Thanks for choosing me!

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