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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

The thing about this college town is that all "those" college kids go home to their families every time school is out for a break. Some return to finish their semester or start a new term, some don't, and others who haven't been here before move in. We found this disheartening at church and longed for the consistency and friendships that we had been so accustomed to before our move. As a result, we switched from attending the married student ward to attending the family ward. This has been one of the best decisions we've made! After having only met us once, the bishop approached us the next week to greet us by name. The relief society presidency came to our home to get to know me and then introduced me to the relief society by name and shared facts about me that they had picked up on during their little visit. (They moved here so her husband can attend school, they have a nine month old daughter, she is learning how to sew and gets her ideas from pinterest, she decorated her home for Christmas by turning their refrigerator into a snow man...) We have met so many friendly families already, and our little girl has made tons of friends already since she is always pulling herself up into someones lap. Recently we attended the ward Christmas party. What a blessing that my husband ended up having this evening off of work. I love attending events together as a family. We were invited to sit with a super nice family who recommended Yellow Stone and now I am more excited than ever for summer! We had dinner, sang Christmas songs, and watched the large primary since songs before we snuck out to get our daughter in bed almost on time. I'm so grateful for such welcoming people!
Our neighbors snapped this photo in front of their tree

Someone has beautiful teeth!


  1. these pictures make me just want to get in my car and drive to see you guys!

  2. Oh Rachelle! Do come visit! :D

  3. Beautiful photos! And I love the cheeky smile :)

  4. So glad you are loving your ward and meeting lots of friends. And Laurel does have quite beautiful teeth.

  5. She just gets cuter and cuter......sure glad you keep current pics up on blog.............think about you all the time....