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Monday, September 24, 2012

Joyful Finds: Choir sings a sweet reminder

Brought to you every Monday;
Beginning the Week with a Little Happiness
I had so hoped to attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert here in town last Friday with a friend.  
As it was though, my pregnancy complications rendered the need to stay in that evening.
Picture courtesy of Guide Travels.com
 I want to share my favorite hymn today, More Holiness Give Me
as sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 
Simply click the song title to view the youtube video of their performance.

How fitting the lyrics for a time like now. My pregnancy struggles often leave me discouraged, self pitying, and short tempered. I often feel as if this trial has been placed before me to help me grow and learn a valuable lesson, but unfortunately I'm not rising to the challenge. How much better would I be if I remembered these lyrics always, especially in seeking, "more patience in suffering," and, "more sense of His care... More gratitude," and, "more trust in the Lord."

More Holiness Give Me song lyrics:
Text and music by Philip Paul Bliss- 1838- 1876

More holiness give me, more strivings within.
More patience in suffering, more sorrow for sin.
More faith in my Savior, more sense of His care.
More joy in His service, more purpose in prayer.

More gratitude give me, more trust in the Lord.
More zeal for His glory, more hope in His Word.
More tears for His sorrows, more pain at His grief.
More meekness in trial, more praise for relief.

More purity give me, more strength to o'ercome,
More freedom from earth-stains, more longings for home.
More fit for the kingdom, more useful I'd be,
More blessèd and holy, more, Savior, like Thee

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Brief History:

"Singing has been an important part of the Mormon religion ever since Brigham Young led his followers west in wagon trains, making sure that musicians were along to keep the pioneers’ morale high and their eyes on God.

The first Mormon choir sang in what is now Salt Lake City soon after Young and his ragged following arrived in 1847. Twenty years later, the now famous domed Mormon Tabernacle was inaugurated on the very same spot.

The acoustically perfect 6,500-seat structure is regularly filled with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and with visitors, many of whom have become familiar with the 360-member choir and its 11,623-pipe organ through recordings or its weekly radio show. The peripatetic, [traveling,] choir fills theaters and opera houses around the globe, and while they sound nothing less than professional, they’re in fact a strictly volunteer organization... (source.)"


  1. Glad to follow you back Jessica! Blessed to have found your blog:)
    Hugs, Jen @ frazzled5

  2. i totally understand; how far along are you?
    i'm 36, almost 37 weeks pregnant and pregnancy itself makes us a lot more sensitive than usual.
    i've been listening to this song a lot lately: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGniRk_GcLs
    I really, really hope you find it as beautiful and uplifting as i do.

    i'm your newest follower. hope you find the time to come visit (and maybe follow me too) @ it must be (so)... liberating